Here it is! Your one-stop-shop for everything that has gone into my fantasy baseball preparations for 2017 awaits. This is the result of hours-upon-hours of research that went into my newly released book, Diamond Dividends: Creative Strategies to Profit Through Fantasy Baseball, as well as my own fantasy teams. And the best part is that the table can be edited by both you and me.

Whenever I make a change – basically, up until the start of the regular season on April 2, 2017 – it will automatically be reflected below. This is a necessity in the final days of Spring Training, where positional battles will ultimately come to an end.

Any changes you make will also update throughout the spreadsheet, and they won’t impact anything on my end. Feel free to overwrite whatever you want or download the file – using the link at the bottom of the sheet – and watch the numbers – specifically, the ranks and dollar values – update in real-time. However, because many of these formulas are pulled from my own ‘offline’ worksheet, it is best if you only use the pink columns. Each formula is set up to use anything you input in the pink columns as the overriding number.

The simplest method to use the table is to adjust the projected games played and innings pitched on the hitter and pitcher projection tabs, respectively. Again, you can overwrite any individual statistic by using the pink columns, but if you disagree wildly with too many of my source numbers, you probably also disagree too much with my overall system to find it valuable.

Once you’re satisfied with the hitter and pitcher projection tabs, go back to the ‘compiled’ projections and watch the ranks change. Good luck!

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