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You have responsibilities. A relationship. A job. You want to be more involved in the world of sports, but the time isn’t always there. So you play fantasy sports. Maybe build a daily lineup. Even pick some games or join an office pool. But without putting in the time to research, you are left guessing.

Our responsibility is to you. Our relationship is with the sport. Our job is to do the legwork so you don’t have to.

Sporfolio is your ‘sports portfolio.’ We predict. They play. You profit.

NFL Picks: Week 6 Against the Spread

Five weeks into the season, Mario Mergola breaks down every game of Week 6’s slate of NFL action, giving an against-the-spread pick for each matchup and five confidence picks.

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DFS Hockey

For the second consecutive year, Sporfolio will include daily fantasy content for the 2017-2018 NHL season. Tom Fitzgerald of XN Sports will lead the charge with his DFS insight.

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Gain Access to Top NFL picks in 2017

Football is back! And so are our industry-leading picks against-the-spread. Join an exclusive community today centered around building your sports portfolio through daily fantasy sports and NFL picks.

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Diamond Dividends

Sporfolio’s Mario Mergola just released his first book: Diamond Dividends: Creative Strategies to Profit Through Fantasy Baseball. Grab a copy today in either paperback or eBook and win your fantasy league!

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Working Fantasy Baseball Spreadsheets and Picks

The fantasy baseball season has arrived, and whether you’re gauging the value of a pickup, finding DFS targets, or actually picking games, we have a few spreadsheets to get you started. The most powerful one is included in all Sporfolio memberships, and is typically delivering an accuracy rating of over/under picks better than 58% since its final tweak on June 30th.

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Football is Back!

After months of providing NHL DFS picks and MLB spreadsheets, we go back to our origins with our best-in-class football analysis. From a 53.67% success rate in our confidence picks against-the-spread over the last three seasons combined to back-to-back “championships” for most correct against-the-spread picks among experts tracked by NFLPickwatch, we have a unique outlook on the sport of football that is unparalleled throughout the industry.


Fantasy Baseball and MLB Picks

The founder of Sporfolio and author of Diamond Dividends: Creative Strategies to Profit Through Fantasy Baseball has uploaded his top 500 fantasy baseball player projections, a table – editable by you – of per-plate-appearance and per-inning-pitched calculations, and his overall rankings for the 2017 MLB season. His 2016 rankings were included in FantasyPros’ expert accuracy challenge, where some of his best predictions were highlighted. The rankings and projections go hand-in-hand with his aforementioned book, and are available for free by using the links above.

In addition, now that the season is underway, we are now offering daily fantasy baseball plays for free – no membership needed – and MLB over/under picks to our subscribers.

Finally, our pitcher projection spreadsheet has been consistently producing winning MLB picks via over/under plays. Since our final tweak on June 30th, the picks – with odds generally between +105 and -125 – have produced at a winning percentage of at least 54%, and are currently in the range of 56%!

DFS Hockey

All of Sporfolio’s packages include access to DFS hockey on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays

Tom Fitzgerald of XN Sports returns for his second consecutive season with us our lead NHL DFS writer. Tom has spent the past five years as the lead editor for XN Sports and is excited to contribute his hockey DFS strategies and plays to our readers, while helping Sporfolio expand our content beyond football.

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NFL Picks: 2017 Week 7 Picks Against the Spread

If there is one singular trend that I follow on a weekly basis, it is the collective overreaction to games that went in our favor, but against the general expectations from a previous week. It makes sense. There was a certain level of faith placed in a group of picks, and they disappointed a large number of people. In essence, these looked like ‘surprises.’ They weren’t. The football-watching world is fickle. It changes its mind on a whim. But, when making such shifts, it...
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Daily Fantasy Hockey Morning Coffee: 10/18/17

Welcome to the Wednesday edition of the daily fantasy hockey morning coffee. We have a small three-game slate to work with for our daily fantasy hockey needs, but it’s still a slate that offers some nice opportunities in tournaments tonight. (top stacks in bold) Detroit Red Wings @ Toronto Maple Leafs (Toronto, -175, 6 over/under) Chicago Blackhaws @ St. Louis Blues (St. Louis, -120, 5.5 over/under) Montreal Canadiens @ Los Angeles Kings (L.A., -160, 5 over/under) The two teams I have...
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DFS Plays: NFL 2017 DFS Week 6 Picks

One of the best realizations entering Week 6 was that the two quarterbacks we are targeting are so inexpensive that the rest of the roster can include extreme flexibility. Normally, we have decided between a balanced approach or a ‘stars-and-scrubs’ roster, but it is not necessary, this week. Based on our expected Week 6 DFS game flow analysis performed earlier, we can carry our thoughts into actual lineup positions. The long list of players that fit the requirements set forth by...
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Daily Fantasy Hockey Morning Coffee: 10/13/17

Welcome to the Friday edition of the daily fantasy hockey morning coffee. Today we have a five-game slate to dig through for our daily fantasy hockey needs. Before I begin my DFS writing today I ask for a moment of indulgence, one that Mario Mergola, Owner of Sporfolio, so gracefully allowed me last season. October 13’s bring back strange memories, and especially Friday October 13ths. This is why … On Friday October 13, 1995 I found myself face down, hiding, in a “friend’s” car,...
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DFS Plays: NFL 2017 Week 6 Game-by-Game DFS Analysis

As mentioned in our weekly picks column, there is a handful of games with extremely large spreads. Whenever this happens, we can usually pinpoint an expected gameflow, as the underdog will likely be trailing for most of the game and need to throw in order to compete, while the favorite will be running out the clock late. That is, of course, if we buy into the games going exactly according to plan. The good news is that, wherever an ‘upset’ is possible, we can expect the underdog to...
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NFL Picks Success Rate



Best Confidence Picks (2015)


Best Overall Picks (2014)


3-Year Confidence Picks


Standings of Experts’ Picks


2015 Correct Picks ATS

  • 1. Mario Mergola (now Sporfolio) – 141
  • 1. Jason La Canfora – 141
  • 3. Pickwatch – Best Defense – 139
  • 3. Josh Katzowitz – 139
  • Average Expert (Min. 250 Picks) – 127

2014 Correct Picks ATS

  • 1. Mario Mergola (now Sporfolio) – 145
  • 1. Tim Cowlishaw – 145
  • 3. Jason La Canfora – 141
  • 4. Neil Greenberg – 138
  • Average Expert (Min. 250 Picks) – 130

Success Stories from Our Picks

How Would 2015 Have Treated You?

Set how much you would have risked on a standard game and see what our confidence picks would have netted for you in 2015 using our recommended scaling (even after fees from standard -110 odds)!


See For Yourself - NFL Opening Night Pick Against the Spread

We kicked off the 2016 NFL season with a confidence pick beating the spread. We don’t normally separate picks from their main articles, but Opening Night between the Carolina Panther and Denver Broncos was special. See what our members knew days ago.

See For Yourself - NFL Week 3 Game-by-Game DFS Analysis

Our Week 3 DFS game-by-game analysis column was a hit on many levels. It is now open to all to read as an example of what we provide to our members on a weekly basis during the NFL season.

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2017 NFC Full Season Predictions

Sporfolio’s full season predictions for the National Football Conference in 2017 include a breakdown of every NFC team, a projected record, the expected conference champion, and four over/under win total picks.

Week 6 NFL Picks Against the Spread

With only 14 games on the schedule in Week 6, we get right back into the action by breaking down each matchup, giving a prediction, and identifying five confidence picks.

2017 AFC Full Season Predictions

Sporfolio’s full season predictions for the American Football Conference in 2017 include a breakdown of every AFC team, a projected record, the expected Super Bowl Champion, and four over/under win total picks.

DFS Game Flow

The overall picture of picking games against the spread in a given week would be incomplete without the individual pieces – the players. The rise of daily fantasy sports has provided an avenue for taking predictions about a given set of games even further, where both the teams and players can be assembled into a portfolio.

Despite efforts to separate the two, they actually go hand-in- hand, where the players impact the flow of the game that will ultimately complete the picture. Our team specializes in offering these DFS picks driven completely by ‘game flow,’ where scenarios of success are crafted on the foundation of our industry-leading picks ATS.

Week 4 2015 NFL Picks Against the Spread Column

“Drew Brees…gives the Saints the obvious edge…”

“It is likely already too late for the Saints…but a home game in primetime against an injured Cowboys’ team might be the Saints’ last hope. Keep in mind that the Saints were 2-4 and hosting the seemingly unstoppable Packers in a Sunday Night Football contest, last season. New Orleans won by three touchdowns.

Week 4 2015 Results

New Orleans Saints 26, Dallas Cowboys 20

Drew Brees: 33-for-41, 359 passing yards, 2 passing touchdowns, 25.4 DraftKings points, 22.4 FanDuel points

Week 8 2015 NFL Picks Against the Spread Column

Denver’s defense — allowing the fewest yards and second-fewest points per game in the league — will provide the toughest test that Aaron Rodgers and the Packers have seen to date, and the perceived large gap between the two teams will be closed. Denver, like Green Bay, is perfect in regular season home games since the beginning of 2014.

The Broncos hand the Packers their first loss of the season…

Week 8 2015 Results

Denver Broncos 29, Green Bay Packers 10

Aaron Rodgers: 14-for-22, 77 passing yards, 0 passing touchdowns

Denver Defense: 10 points allowed, 3 sacks, 1 safety

NFL Week 6 DFS Game-by-Game Analysis

Sporfolio’s Week 6 NFL DFS column includes game-by-game analysis for DFS plays based on expected game flow. These projections are driven by our industry-leading picks against the spread.

DFS Plays: Week 6 DFS Picks

Based on Sporfolio’s game-by-game analysis, we condense our list of targets for Week 6 and provide our best DFS plays of the week.

Sporfolio Origins

Created by Mario Mergola – one of the industry leaders in NFL picks against the spread – Sporfolio aims to continue the trend of creative analysis Mergola championed over the past years while writing for XN Sports. During this time, Mergola ranked first among experts’ NFL picks against the spread in back-to-back seasons, as tracked by NFLPickwatch.com. His last two seasons’ of NFL picks against the spread can be found in the archives, while much of his work can still be read on XN Sports.

Mario Mergola is also the author of Diamond Dividends: Creative Strategies to Profit Through Fantasy Baseball, and his fantasy baseball rankings are also included in FantasyPros’ expert analysis challenge.

Sporfolio is NOT a gambling website. The information provided here is for entertainment purposes only. Any use of this information in violation of State, Federal, or Local Laws is strictly prohibited. Please see our terms and conditions below for more information.