We have reached the end of the multi-game fantasy slate – at least, of game that are not of the exhibition variety – and the options are quite limited. Unfortunately, this does not lead to a smaller list of targets and, instead, makes our net a bit wider as we try to capture as many realistic outcomes as possible.

Based on our expected Conference Championship DFS game flow analysis performed earlier, we can carry our thoughts into actual lineup positions. The long list of players that fit the requirements set forth by the projected flow of the game was cut dramatically by the requirements set forth by salaries.

Below are Sporfolio’s DFS Conference Championship Plays:


Tom Brady – Let’s get one thing straight: Tom Brady is playing on Sunday. Tom Brady might be 100 percent healthy on Sunday. Tom Brady will play at-or-near his usual ability on Sunday. As a result, Tom Brady is worth every fantasy dollar invested in him on Sunday. Of course, the matchup against a top-notch Jaguars defense – which can also apply pressure on the quarterback – causes a momentary pause before throwing Brady into our lineups, but it should not last longer than that. He is clearly one of the best to have ever played the game, and he and his coach will not be intimidated by hosting the Jaguars. Expect a high floor and higher ceiling from Brady.

Blake Bortles – As you read about Bortles, and some other picks here, just remember three of these four teams are expected to rely heavily on their defense this week, so finding offensive players worth targeting is no easy task this week.With that said, there is some reason to feel mildly intrigued by Bortles this week. The simple fact is that the Patriots are going to force him to beat them instead of letting Leonard Fournette do all of the work. The Patriots were better against the run than the pass all season, and they are experts when it comes to eliminating the opposition’s biggest weapon. With the Patriots keying on Fournette, Bortles is going to be thrust into a big role, and if he has any hopes of moving on to the Super Bowl, he will have to step his game up. Since Week 12, Bortles has accumulated at least 15 fantasy points in all but one game, and he has had four games of over 20 points in that same span of games. That is pretty decent consistency and considering he costs a mere $5,000 this week, he shouldn’t have too hard of a time returning solid value.

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