Entering the fifth week of the season, we can find some players starting to separate themselves from the pack but, oddly enough, these outliers have largely emerged as if from nowhere. This leaves some of the more successful fantasy players of the last few years seeing their prices drop drastically. It also leads to an extremely balanced lineup, where players are somewhat interchangeable. There is value to be found everywhere, and some of the cheapest players of the week are actually legitimate options in Week 5..

Based on our expected Week 5 DFS game flow analysis performed earlier, we can carry our thoughts into actual lineup positions. The long list of players that fit the requirements set forth by the projected flow of the game was cut dramatically by the requirements set forth by salaries.

Below are Sporfolio’s DFS Week 5 Plays:


Ben Roethlisberger – Big Ben has been somewhat of a big disappointment from a fantasy perspective this season as he has failed to throw for 300 yards in a game yet, and has not reached 18 fantasy points. The Steelers face what has been a tough Jaguars pass defense, so starting Roethlisberger may appear to be a questionable decision. The simplest defense of the pick is that the Steelers’ offense has too many high powered skill players at every position for Ben’s streak of average games to continue much longer. He is well overdue for that huge performance, and he has an undeniable history of being dominant at home. This week presents the perfect opportunity to buy in before everyone remembers how lethal this entire offense is.

Jay Cutler – Let’s get this out of the way quickly: Jay Cutler is not a good quarterback anymore. While that may not be enticing as we describe a guy you should be rostering, it is true and important to remember. With that said, there are so many things going in Cutler’s favor this week that his lack of talent is significantly outweighed by upside. The Dolphins’ offense has scored six points over the past two weeks. Combined. That number is unbelievably terrible, and as we say all of the time here, it is something that is incredibly unsustainable. A huge ‘correction’ should be coming soon, and the matchup this week makes it the perfect opportunity. The Titans’ defense is allowing the fifth-most passing-yards-per-game at 274.3, and the most points-against-per-game at 30. The Titans’ secondary has been abused time and time again, and Cutler should be able to take advantage. Coming into this week at a measly $5,200 on DraftKings, you really only need Cutler to produce 15 fantasy points to return winning value and rostering him allows you to pay up for top tier players elsewhere. While 15 is the goal for Cutler to be valuable, we are expecting him to even outproduce that number..

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