Sunday may be the final weekend of daily fantasy football plays for the next half-dozen or so months, but it sets up perfectly for some exciting fireworks. Four of the league’s best offenses will be in play, leading to potential shootouts, incredibly high salaries, and difficult decisions.

Between the two games, the NFC Championship is undeniably the matchup that most fantasy football owners will attack, but the AFC Championship might actually include a more concise set of targets and straightforward game flow expectations. As a result, salaries will likely drive the decisions needed to form a lineup. Specifically, the abundance of higher-priced stars in action will force us to take chances on less expensive and less consistent players.

Based on our expected Conference Championship DFS game flow analysis performed earlier, we can carry our thoughts into actual lineup positions. The long list of players that fit the requirements set forth by the projected flow of the game was cut dramatically by the requirements set forth by salaries.

Below are Sporfolio’s DFS Conference Championship Plays:


Tom Brady – One of the greatest quarterbacks of all time has the chance to extend his legacy further by hosting the AFC Championship Game on Sunday afternoon. Outside of the numbers, Tom Brady is also one of the best storyline-driven quarterbacks in recent history, frequently displaying his excellence after repeated criticism. Such is the case following a Divisional Round matchup in which Brady’s offense tallied 377 total yards against a Texans’ defense that had allowed the fewest yards in the league. The matchup against Pittsburgh is a significant step in the right direction for Brady.

Aaron Rodgers – In what is basically a copy-and-paste exercise from last week, how could we not target Aaron Rodgers on Sunday? The Packers’ quarterback is simply on fire and will go against a Falcons secondary that has been beaten through the air, all season. Most importantly, Atlanta’s offense is so powerful that it will likely force Rodgers and the Packers to throw more in an attempt to keep pace.

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