Another game between the Yanks and Sox, another blown save.  This time, it was on the Red Sox side as a home run was hit in the 9th to tie the ballgame.  The game then went 16 innings that lasted 6 hours.  I don’t know what it is, whenever Sale pitches, the Sox can’t hit.  He struck out 13 allowed 3 hits, no runs, and walked 2.  You have to win that game if you’re the Red Sox.  The teams square off for a double header today.

Cody Bellinger continues his incredible rookie year as he is the first Dodgers player to hit for the cycle.  Alex Wood probably saw my blog yesterday as he wanted me to eat my words.  He picked up his 11th win shutting Miami down.

We have a full slate of games, with some afternoon action so make sure you get those lineups in.

Low-Scoring Plays

New York Yankees @ Boston Red Sox – David Price gets the call in this game and he is easily the best pitcher throwing today.  David Price is making his 8th start back from injury so should be in the full swing of things by now.  On the other side Tanaka takes the mound for the Yankees.  This is a good matchup for the Red Sox as Tanaka is not a good pitcher-at least this year.  Boston will struggle in the first game but look for the bats to be alive in the 2nd and Price to be stellar.

Targets: Price, Betts, Benintendi

Colorado Rockies @ New York Mets – The Mets came out of the break swinging.  They scored 12 two nights ago and 9 last night.  Even Lugo their pitcher porched one yesterday.  Well today the Mets will be shut down.  Jeff Hoffman pitches for the Rockies, who are too good of a team to get swept by the Mets.  Hoffman has an ERA in the high 4s, however he has a WHIP of 1.15 which is very good.  The Mets aren’t a legit team this year, they have too many injuries here.  The Rockies need this win to keep pace with the Diamondbacks and the Dodgers, look for them to shut the Mets down.

Targets: Hoffman, Story

High-Scoring Plays

Chicago Cubs @ Baltimore Orioles- The Chicago Cubs are hot and the catalyst has been Baez who went 3-4 last night.  He has now rose his average to a .260 which is great seeing he was hitting .202 a couple of weeks ago.  Bryant and Rizzo both found the deep ball yesterday, which is a dangerous duo for opponents if they get hot together.  Shwarber had the day, if he is in the line up today, I say he is a must play. The Cubs are hot watch out National League.

Targets: Rizzo, Shwarber, Baez

Washington Nationals @ Cincinnati Reds – The Nationals have also been red hot.  They had a great game by Scherzer last night as he shut the Reds down.  Just for good measures they decided to beat the Reds down any ways.  Rendon is a great play in DFS as he’s cheap and is hitting out of his mind this year, with protection around the line up.  He hit 2 home runs last night 1 was a grand slam, racking in 6 RBI’s on the day.  Look for him to have another big day as pitchers try to work their way around Murphy and Harper which sets up well for Rendon.

Targets: Rendon, Harper

Extra Innings

This blog is shorter because all the other games are in no man’s land.  There are non elite pitchers on the mound.  Archer pitches for the Rays who isn’t a bad play. But for his price it’s not a play that I love.  The All-Star break screwed up all of the rotations we had going, where we would see Sale one night, Scherzer the next, and Kershaw to follow.  Now they all pitch on the same day so we can’t have an ace in our line ups everyday.  The Red Sox double header and an off day should have the rotations shaken up a bit for us.

As for undervalued players- Will Ramos didn’t get the start yesterday.  The Rays catcher is a player I love.  I would rather take a catcher that will put up 7 points a night then risking it to get the one that puts up 30.  I would rather take that risk on an outfielder or corner infielder who is more likely to put up 30.  Will Ramos is always a great play.

Since the Red Sox and Yankees went into 16 last night, they will be exhausted for their double header today.  Look for the back ups to be in the game.  Especially when Tanaka takes the mound in the second game.  You could get a cheap player that will have protection around him with Mookie, and Bogaerts.  Ramirez who usually crushes the Yankees has been quiet this series look for him to have a big game.  He isn’t cheap, but he is cheaper than a lot of other options and will have a big game.