We have two teams on one of the hottest streaks we have seen in some time.  The Indians have won 14 in a row, and have a fantastic shot tonight to get 15 with Kluber on the mound.  Arizona has won 13 in a row, including a sweep of the best team in baseball.   Arizona closed the gap on the Dodgers, but the Dodgers are still the best team and have that division locked up.

Football season is here, check out Mario’s posts on here on Sporfolio to get all your NFL picks.  He has great insight and is made for the NFL Season.  I’ll be turning to him now that Winston isn’t playing week one.

It’s still MLB Season and we have a small slate of games on this Thursday.

Low-Scoring Plays

Colorado Rockies @ L.A. Dodgers- The Dodgers were just swept by the Diamondbacks, and today they are home with Kershaw on the mound. Kershaw is already phenomenal at home, untouchable, now he gets the ball against a Rockies team they should pound, and coming off getting swept. It’s the perfect storm for the Dodgers to win big and Kershaw to reestablish his dominance.

Targets:  Kershaw, Puig

Cincinnati Reds @ New York Mets- Harvey takes the ball for the who was not great in his last outing, or any outing really this year.  Harvey has to go out and pitch well to get his stock up if he wants big money once he leaves New York, or if he wants to be traded to a contender this offseason.  I like Harvey in this game, he is a good pitcher whether you want to believe it or not.  The Reds aren’t a great team, Votto can do some damage but I will side with Harvey in this one.

Targets: Harvey, Reyes

High-Scoring Plays

Cleveland Indians @ Chicago White Sox- The Chicago White Sox will win this game.  The Indians have to lose at some point, water always finds their level as they say.  Kluber is pitching for the Indians who is their ace and giving Sale a run for his money in this Cy Young race.  Going against Kluber is crazy but it is a play that I like today.  No stats will back it up, the White Sox aren’t good but the Indians are due for a loss.  If Kluber does have a massive game he could take the lead in the Cy Young race but I don’t think he will have a good game.

Targets: Abreu, Davidson

Miami Marlins @ Atlanta Braves- Giancarlo still is looking for his home run as he hasn’t hit one in 3 days.  The Braves are not a strong team and the Marlins got beat up by the Nationals.  Look for them to come back big in this series.  I would take as many Marlins as possible.  A shocking stat to me is Dee Gordon only has 1 home run on the year.  I know he has never been known for hitting home runs but he is a great hitter and you would have to think he would be able to get more than one over the course of the season.  MadBum has 2 home runs, and he doesn’t even bat! Look for Gordon and Stanton in this series.

Targets: Stanton, Gordon


Going against Kluber is crazy, you are probably reading above and checking my credibility.  However the Indians are due for a loss.  When I am in a Draft Kings Tournament, I always scroll to the top and see who won 200,000 grand in one night.  I always check their team and think damn how do I not think about them.  No one will own the White Sox players so if they go off you are cruising to the top of the tournament.  I will take the White Sox in a 3 dollar tournament and let it ride.