As I started writing my picks article for the Wild Card Round, I found myself pointing to long-term goals for each team; mainly because one of the eight in action, this weekend, can win the Super Bowl. With that, I stepped away from the column, worked on this postseason piece, and returned to the Wild Card picks later.

I always use the spreads as an indicator of value for a given week, but the odds given for a team to win the Super Bowl are just as telling. Working in conjunction, it was exciting to write and release both at the same time. Just like last year – when I gave a few plays and targets the Patriots, at 8-5 odds, as the only team worth picking if using only one – I will create a small list and overall prediction for the playoffs given the odds below.

NFL Odds to Win Super Bowl – Courtesy of
1st Seed – New England Patriots (2 to 1)
2nd Seed – Minnesota Vikings (4 to 1)
2nd Seed – Pittsburgh Steelers (4.5 to 1)
4th Seed – New Orleans Saints (8 to 1)
3rd Seed – Los Angeles Rams (10 to 1)
1st Seed – Philadelphia Eagles (15 to 1)
4th Seed – Kansas City Chiefs (20 to 1)
6th Seed – Atlanta Falcons (20 to 1)
5th Seed – Carolina Panthers (28 to 1)
3rd Seed – Jacksonville Jaguars (30 to 1)
5th Seed – Tennessee Titans (125 to 1)
6th Seed – Buffalo Bills (125 to 1)

We can immediately eliminate the Titans and Bills from the conversation of ‘true’ Super Bowl contenders. Not only would they have to go through some combination of the Steelers and Patriots just to get to the Super Bowl, but the odds they are given are so inviting that it is a ‘trap,’ in itself. Both the Titans and Bills have worse odds than last year’s worst team in the playoffs – the Oakland Raiders without quarterback Derek Carr.

The first true surprise reveals itself

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